Eugene Computer Geeks is a team of local free lance computer experts, each with our own specialties, based in Eugene, Oregon.  We are a full service IT company that provided repairs for PC, Mac / Apple, Linux, and laptops. We also provide web design, networking, search engine optimization, upgrades, training, graphic design, programming, hosting and much more. Our computer geeks give free estimates and guarantee your satisfaction.

Our goal is to have complete customer satisfaction with our efficient service and affordable prices.  We provide computer services at a rate that everyone can afford while still giving exceptional service that is equal to or better than any of our competitors. Our technicians are highly qualified and must match most or all of the criteria below:

* Over 3 years of experience in there qualified field
* Must have some type of certification (typically Microsoft, A+, or Cisco),
* College degree in Computer Science field,
* Some type of customer experience or tutoring experience.
* Must pass a complicated written test on the IT fields they plan to work on.

We analyze your issue over the phone and send the right technician to solve your issue. If you are not totally satisfied with our service, we will correct the issue by sending out another technician or we will not charge you a dime.  Our geeks also sit down with you and explain everything, and have a friendly and patient attitude.  We usually can provide same day service, or service within 12-24 hours.


Many of our customers are curious as to how we can provide such outstanding service at such a low price. We noticed how over priced must computer companies are, and how they are dishonest or unqualified, and are trying to make a quick "buck". Many of our clients come to us after going to popular competitors in town only to be told that there laptop worth $200 would take $400 dollars to fix or will be $80 dollars to only have them take a look at it. Most of the time these computers were not in need of a new part like the companies suggested and we could repair them for $40. At Eugene Computer Geeks, we find this kind of dishonest behavior unacceptable and will never charge you for unnecessary parts or services.

Our philosophy is to cut back on unneeded costs so that we provide high quality service for the lowest price possible. We cut back on costs by having our geeks come to your location of choice or having our geeks work out of their homes. We don't have an office which saves on rent expenses. Give us a try! 541-357-7222.