Eurasia Consult is specialized in forging long lasting relationships between Western and Chinese organizations.
You may already be working with a Chinese partner, and while the business is not too bad, you keep feeling that you are not communicating on the same frequency with. Small misunderstandings can cause a little friction, but a chain of such misunderstanding can lead to big trouble. It is as if you have your own agendas, but lack a common one.
This is where you need the help of Eurasia Consult. We are not posing as a bridge between cultures in the middle of which you and your Chinese partner can meet one another half way. We are going to interview you to find out what this business means to you and then do the same with your partner.
The next step is to help you see your partner’s issues from their perspective and teach your partner to see your problems through your eyes.
Now you are ready to help your Chinese partner reaching their agenda, while your partner is able and willing to return that favor.
That is what Eurasia Consult is extremely good at. Its founder, Peter Peverelli, first set foot on Chinese soil in September 1975. He has PhDs in Chinese Studies and Business Administration and has been involved in commercial activities in China since 1985.
He combines his consulting business with academic research and teaching. He has created a unique consulting formula by combing the best of the commercial and academic world.
Another important field in which Eurasia Consult advises Western companies in their China business is analyzing Chinese companies (partners or competitors) in terms of their embeddedness in Chinese society.
We first ascertain the social networks of the key people in those companies. This will allow us to see to what parties outside the company are relevant for the decision making and other processes within the company.
The final step is to translate all that in terms of threats and opportunities.
The findings can be stored in a way that we can regularly update the information, e.g. once a year.

These two main services are interrelated. In the Chinese cultural context, the agenda of your Chinese partner will be heavily determined by those external stakeholders. It is all part of one proprietary analytic tool developed by Peter Peverelli.

Eurasia Consult operates in all fields of business, but we do have particular expertise in the Chinese food industry.