EurekaMaster.com was created by Madonna Siles, C.P.C., the author of Brain, Heal Thyself and Eureka! Memories and Motivations. Eurekamaster.com features Siles's life coaching support and motivation program for caregivers of memory-challenged stroke and brain-injured patients.
The web site features Siles's books, which are based on her experience as the 24/7 home caregiver of her best friend, Eve, who survived a near fatal brain aneurysm hemorrhage in 2001.
Desperate to help her friend, Siles developed a home program that first controlled her own fear and stress. That approach evolved into a cognitive/emotional/physical rehabilitation strategy for Eve's recovery. Siles's approach to daily brain care was a combination of relaxation and meditation exercises, a loose interpetation of Alanon's and AA's12-step Program concepts, subconscious theories of memory storage and belief systems and an application of advertising motivational strategies to everyday communications, survival task teaching and activity planning.