Eurescom is a leading European provider of management and support services in the high-tech area, with a focus on information and communications technologies. Eurescom's mission is to enable innovation through collaboration.

The company has two decades of experience in managing multinational collaborative R&D projects, programmes, and initiatives in the ICT sector.

Business scope, customers, and workforce:

The services of Eurescom include launching, managing and supporting international research and development programmes and projects as well as providing the administrative infrastructure for technology initiatives.

Customers of Eurescom include major European telecoms network operators and service providers, global ICT manufacturers, multinational technology initiatives, and the European Union.

The multinational workforce of Eurescom is based in Heidelberg, Germany, and consists of 20 highly skilled professionals from 8 countries. In addition, Eurescom maintains a large network of international experts in ICT and other high-tech sectors, who can be mobilised on demand for suitable projects and initiatives.
Origins and achievements

Eurescom was founded on 14 March 1991 by 20 major European telecommunication network operators and service providers. The company's purpose was to organise collaborative R&D activities, leveraging the members' resources in order to address innovative solutions and opportunities. The members of Eurescom include major European telcos like Deutsche Telekom, France Telecom, and Telecom Italia.

Eurescom can look back on a series of outstanding results from its private telco project programme, which had a major impact on Europe‘s communications landscape. Eurescom made, for example, major contributions to the introduction of interoperable ISDN in Europe, the DECT standard, the design of today‘s network management systems, solutions in the Internet domain, and the development of new services and applications for mobile and fixed networks.

Service portfolio:

The service portfolio of the company consists of a comprehensive set of services that enable its customers to achieve innovation through collaboration. These services include:

- Stimulation of industry-driven R&D initiatives
- Securing research funding for innovative projects
- Management of European R&D projects
- Management of Pan-European R&D programmes
- EuresTools for collaboration and project management
- Eurescom programme of focused studies