Every day, more than 8,000,000,000  m3 (8 km3) of hot water are consumed by European homes alone. It is the main source of energy consumption for new housing built in 2018, and yet 75% of this heat ends up in sewers.

Appalled by this observation, European players are developing and marketing solutions to recover heat from waste water, which until now has been discarded, and use it in the building industry.
Europe has the greatest technological lead in the world on this subject, with 326  patents applications since 2010 which is 70% of all patent applications in the world on that issue. Together, they have already recovered 300   GWh, or the annual domestic hot water consumption of 17 000 households .

For expert companies operating on heat recovery from wastewater, it was important to structure the sector by grouping and federating the companies competent in this segment of activity. To uphold a great quality, members can only join if the efficiency they advertise for their product has been assessed by an independent laboratory and if they meet European and national water safety regulations.

The association created in October 2018, which currently includes 9 companies, aims to promote heat recovery from wastewater to the general public and to the professionals of the building industry for them to consider this gigantic energy source.