Launched in the Netherlands in 1999, Eurosom originally focused on providing additional software support and consultancy to organisations using Autonomy (DRE) and Enterprise Search Technology.

While Eurosom still excels at this service, we’ve expanded and diversified our offerings to better serve the needs of our international clients who need multiple platforms.  Other key technologies we specialize in include (CMS) SDL Tridion and Microsoft SharePoint.

We’re also now based in the UK. This central location makes it easier for us to provide onsite service to our clients, as well as 24/7 remote support.

An enviable skill set.

We specialize in Autonomy IDOL & SPE, both of which are widely used for creating powerful search applications. But while these skills form the core of our expertise, our knowledge base is not limited to them. We actively use all the most recent technologies for both Windows-based and non-Windows development, as well as those designed specifically for Web.

Search no more for Enterprise Search Consultancy.

Eurosom Technology renders investments in Enterprise Search more cost-effective by helping clients transform their Enterprise Search applications into meaning-based computer searches specific to their environments. Essentially, we help companies and government agencies understand where to best access the valuable information they need, when they need it.

We help them streamline this information retrieval by eliminating the need for manual updating of information portals. Instead, we show them how easy it is to automate through the use of Autonomy IDOL and SPE. Both facilitate the retrieval of relevant information from hundreds of sources selected to fit their needs. Information summarisation, Profiling, Clustering, Automatic hyperlinking, friendly user interfaces and personalizing features all enhance the seeking and delivery of this valuable information. The result: the data they need is theirs in the blink of an eye.
Our experts deliver:

•     Enterprise search consultancy
•     Knowledge management consultancy
•     Meaning based marketing consultancy
•     Autonomy IDOL SPE consultancy
•     Web technologies consultancy
•     Content management systems
•     SharePoint roadmap for collaboration consultancy
•     Language Weaver Consultancy
•     Moreover technology Consultancy