Evadeen Brickwood, originally from Germany, has been living in Southern Africa for over 20 years. An adventurer at heart, the professional translator and lecturer started writing novels 10 years ago and was published twice in South Africa . She went on to write novels in English and German and now publishes them online. The paperback editions will soon be available on Amazon.
The "Remember the Future" series revolves around 3 children, who travel 12,000 years back in time to a surprising past. They explore this prehistoric world during adventurous and sometimes dangerous trips.
Brickwood's novel "Singing Lizards" starts out in England and takes the reader to Southern Africa, where Claire, the twin sister of Bridget Reinhold disappears. Africa is very different to England and Bridget soon finds out that witchdoctors may have something to do with her sister's disappearance.
In the upcoming novel "The Halfmoon Adventure", a young German woman in invited to a wedding in Pakistan and her trip turns into a hair-raising adventure.