Broadata was founded in 2000 in Torrance, California, as a design and development house for the transmission of digital multimedia solutions over fiber.  Over the past 2 decades, we have grown from a regional manufacturer into a global audio/video connectivity solutions provider specializing in market-proven products for the transmission, extension and convergence of Video, Audio, Data and Control over fiber, HDBaseT and now over IP. As a US-based manufacturer, Broadata believes controlling all aspects of product lifecycle from concept thru launch ensures we will consistently deliver robust and high-quality solutions that keep your customers up and running.  We also believe that collaborating with integrators in the field and together with your customers, we can help to offer innovative solutions that solve your real-world integration problems. Let us help you elevate the customers AV journey.  

Broadata offers traditional HDBaseT extenders, matrix switches, converters and scalers to support the various audio/video/data and control formats over fiber, copper and IP based solutions. Our decades of experience ensures we have the expertise to offer solutions that meet your specifications, feature requirements and overcome even the most challenging system designs with our team of in-house engineers. Working with a wide variety of industry segments including entertainment, broadcast, medical, professional audio/video, houses of worship, education, government, military, and transportation- we have the breadth of experience required to set new standards of excellence in the verticals we practice within.
For over twenty years, Broadata Communications has delivered market proven Audio/Video Solutions for a variety of market verticals.  Our OEM and ODM services offer complete tailored solutions that allows you to reduce your time to market while driving the most cost-effective solution. We work with various leading organization at all stages of design and manufacturing from concept to product launch and after sales support to bring you the most innovative solutions to serve you and your customer allowing you to focus on your areas of core expertise.