EVALUBA is the new platform for employer ratings on the internet.

At EVALUBA, employees can rate their employer according to different criteria anonymously and give valuable advices about strengths and weaknesses of their own enterprise. At the same time, the ratings can help potential applicants with the right choice of the future employer.
EVALUBA helps companies get more transparent. To achieve this, we ask those people who really know their company: The employees.

This helps employees to choose the right company with a job change because the strengths and weaknesses of an employer are evident from the start and can be valued individually. Frustration and disappointment on both sides can be reduced and working is fun again!

On the other hand, EVALUBA is supporting companies to score with own enterprise values. On EVALUBA, it doesn't matter how big or powerful a company is. All that counts is the overall view that is represented by the company ranking. This allows small companies to get the attraction they deserve!

Also the enterprises at which weaknesses become clear, EVALUBA does not let down: We rather support the companies with services or concrete proposals for the improvement of critical points to remove deficits and to become more attractive as an employer - for new and existing employees.