Eurocash Enters into Agreement to Offer Decentralized Exchange
November 27, 2019
Eurocash, a leading token for electronic cash, announced it has entered into an
agreement to acquire assets related to the operation of decentralized cryptocurrency
exchange /swaps, that runs on the Ethereum blockchain. Eurocash seeks to obtain all the
necessary framework to begin offering services to the public in the future.
With decentralized exchange, individuals retain custody of their cryptocurrency (rather
than keep it with a third party) and use smart contracts to trade them peer to peer. In
essence, all the functions of a trusted third-party exchange can now be realized directly
by trading partners via software-based smart contracts and public blockchains, for a
trustless- secure trading experience.
Eurocash intends to offer this service through proprietary software framework, intended
to keep transactions and sensitive information private. Peer to peer transactions and data
that would otherwise be available on a public blockchain, may now be private to the
transacting parties, therefore users seeking to exchange their cryptocurrencies for other
cryptocurrencies may do so directly with each other rather than through a regulated third
Eurocash intends to solve the problem of security with the built-in safety of decentralized
trading, without the need for user private keys. As part of the fee structure, users will
have access to strong liquidity pools through an annual subscription fee, for using the
More specific details and exchange information will be announced soon.
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