GO BAG EMERGENCY KIT - 72 Hour Survival Supplies         [code E130]

The Go-Bag contains emergency items that are packed in an easy-to-carry day pack in case it should become necessary to evacuate immediately. This kit is designed to be grabbed at a moments notice and contains survival supplies for 72 hours. It can be kept at home, in your office or in your car. The 18 liter capacity day pack features padded shoulder straps and a grab handle. The main compartment and secure outer pockets can accommodate additional personal items such as medications, clothing, keys etc.

Emergency Kit contents:

   * 1 mini AM/FM/SW emergency radio with batteries
   * 1 compact wind-up LED torch - never needs batteries
   * 1 emergency drinking water, sealed 500 ml long-life emergency water ration
   * 1 emergency food ration, 500g long life survival biscuits
   * 10 water purification tablets
   * 2 emergency light sticks, 8-12 hour output
   * 1 emergency survival bag - waterproof personal emergency shelter
   * 1 compact emergency foil blanket
   * 1 emergency safety whistle, marine orange, no moving parts, CE marked
   * 1 FFP2 disposable mask for fine dusts, fibers, aqueous mists and oil based mists
   * 1 compact first aid kit
   * 1 waterproof, tear proof notebook and pencil
   * 1 back-pack marked 'EMERGENCY KIT'