Evelyn Brooks, based in Washington DC, founded her company in 2004,  with the vision of designing, producing and manufacturing eco-friendly jewelry designs showing  the world the rich Peruvian millenary history through innovative, modern and sustainable jewelry pieces. We joined the movement and efforts to live a more enviromentally friendly life; creating eco-friendly jewelry pieces from ethical pure sources, jewelry designs our customers will feel proud to wear forever.

Our meaningful ECO-FRIENDLY jewelry collection, uses natural seeds from the Peruvian Amazon known as HUAYRUROS (why-ee-ru-ros). These naturally red and black seeds are carefully handpicked by a fair paid ethnic group in the Peruvian Amazon. Huayruro (why-ee-ru-ro) seeds come to our customers in its natural state, no chemicals have been used to give them the red/black color, shape and shine they have. Each of our pieces is carefully handcrafted, inspired by Evelyn’s Peruvian heritage fused with the latest jewelry trends.

Her jewelry is presently exhibited at some of the most prestigious galleries of art, museums and boutiques in the United States. Among them: The Smithsonian American Indian Museum, The Natural History Museum of Harvard University, The Museum of Art & Design in New York and The Ritz Carlton in Saint Thomas. She is regularly invited to participate in various shows and exhibitions throughout the United States, such as the American Indian Museum New York Holiday Show and the International Monetary Fund Summit Meeting.

Her goal is to be a role model, motivating many aspiring young entrepreneurs who are pursuing their dreams. Her favorite motivational quote is “With dedication and perseverance, ALL DREAMS ARE POSSIBLE!” This quote has helped Evelyn continue designing her eco-friendly jewelry line, even when faced with great obstacles. It has also helped her preserve her heritage and culture through her jewelry designs, hoping to bring the magic and mysticism of Peru to other countries and continents.