About Eve of Creativity
Eve of Creativity LLC, a brand design agency based in Greater Kansas City, Missouri area. We offer brand consultation, backed with a rich array of design services for our clients. Our purpose is to create stimulating visual communications material that will help our clients achieve true brand distinction.

Having Purpose:
The purpose of Eve of Creativity is to see that every brand placed in our hands becomes forever woven into the fabric of our society. May we be the ones so fortunate to create a sensual platform, presenting the next batch of household names. Our audacious goal is to ‘verbalize’ the proper name of our clients and to make their image iconic. Our environment is one of boundless innovation where employees can learn and express themselves artistically. Our creations open new doors of communication between our clients and their consumer, thus building rich experiences, loyal followings and pleasure only found with that distinct brand.

The Services Offered
Eve of Creativity helps clients achieve this level of distinction by first, educating our clients on the importance of great branding, then we cultivate our clients’ brand, offering them a broad set of graphics and interactive design services to complete their brand communication needs in any medium from apparel to print, TV to web.

Brand Development
Branding Identity Standards
Logo, Word marks and Naming
Graphic Design
Marketing and Messaging
Exhibit Design
Technology Consulting
Web Design and Development
Software and Ecommerce Development
Multimedia CD and DVD
Online Campaign