EveryBuilder is a web-focused marketing and international software company; that is, independent contractor of the largest telecommunications company in Liberia, Lonestar Cell MTN, and working along with the largest bank in Liberia, EcoBank Liberia, to provide 1 million users of mobile phones and computer internet services with online website payment.

The company was founded by Sam D. Monbo Jr in 2000 at Loyola College in Baltimore, Maryland USA. At the early stage, the company was known as Webpage Incorporated and began offering custom built web sites for as little as $50 per month. Later in 2005 the company created a software for its customers to create their own website and called the software EveryBuilder. In 2006, Webpage Incorporated changed its name to EveryBuilder LLC.

In 2009, Mr. Monbo visited Liberia and after reading the statistics that less than 2000 websites of the 650 billion websites around the world were created in Liberia, Mr. Monbo decided to launch EveryBuilder in Liberia. EveryBuilder officially launched on July 2, 2009 on Magic Radio FM 99.2 and quickly became the #1 internet company in Liberia.

The company grew to engage over 100 customers. At the growth in 2011, EveryBuilder launched Tier I enterprise software, EveryBuilder Dagbe, which allows anybody to create a professional website but now in less than 5 seconds. User of EveryBuilder Dagbe can create websites using their mobile phones or ipads.

After conducting beta testing of the software with various types of users, in 2013 EveryBuilder engaged Lonestar Cell MTN to connect its solution to Mobile Money. The agreement makes EveryBuilder the 1st company in Liberia to provide website online payments.

EveryBuilder is now positioned as a private company with private investors who plan to take the company public by 2020.

EveryBuilder is located at 80 Broad Street, 3rd Floor, FedEx Building, Monrovia Liberia (Opposite National Museum and next to Baker Tilly Liberia).