In 2001 we pioneered the provision of SaaS secure email for companies. Since then we have become a benchmark company in the industry, serving hundreds of SMEs and large companies alike.

What led us to this business project was the absence of professional value added services in the field of email management, and our intuition to foresee that email communications security would become a growing problem. 2004 was the worst ever year for email virus attacks and also saw the largest increase to date of spam, thus confirming our initial views.

Since our inauguration, we have come a long way by defining a business model that combines constant innovation and technological development with a clear vocation to service. This is backed-up by our team of professionals, totally focused on customer satisfaction.

The Evidence is without doubt our biggest challenge since we founded the company. We are not talking about developing just any old service, but to clearly innovate in the way we communicate via email. We are talking about a methodology that grants any email the status of proof, certifying the email communication in a sophisticated, yet reliable, incontestable and irrevocable way.