evolve™ is the leading recruitment front office (CRM and database) service delivered on-demand Software as a Service from FCP Internet.
We have been providing the evolve™ solution to forward thinking recruiters for over 8 years now but don’t think that those people that made their decision 8 years ago are now working with an out of date product. Quite the opposite in fact. Our continuous development program ensures that the application stays fresh and new with additional functionality added roughly 4 times a year.
Our latest release is V5 which has the unique CV Pool™ functionality that is the most efficient way to deal with candidate overload. Simple drag and drop functionality makes it easy to save candidate CV’s to a searchable pool without having to create candidate records for every one. In V5, this is now combined with an enhanced folder setup in the document management system allowing you to organise CV’s efficiently and sensibly. Yet if you do want to quickly create candidate records, our Campaign Manager plug-in mixes a powerful parsing engine with a workflow modeller allowing you to set up candidate import in ways that are specific to your individual needs – by company, by advert, by source even.
Intelligent searching in both CV Pool™ and the database (clients, contacts, candidates) with the use of snippets and saved favourites helps recruiters adopt an intuitive approach to workflow. Searching can be simple or complex (Boolean), easily extended to social networking sites like LinkedIn® and Facebook© or exported with one click to Google© incorporating CV’s posted on the www.
Coupled with an intelligent mail agent that does more than Outlook can (mail merging etc) it enables productivity gains for both recruiters and/or admin staff on an ongoing basis. Of course, if you still want to focus around your existing use of Outlook with V5 there is now the possibility of synchronising contacts, events, tasks and email with evolve™.  All actions are tagged against the appropriate evolve™ record.
Improvements to the Compliance engine keep all recruiters on the straight and narrow and at the same time. Allow Managers to ruggedize elements of workflow that are specific and crucial to your own model. And the data export capability ensures that your specific reporting needs are met from the list of standard formats compiled over several years of user input.
And evolve™ does not stand alone as a purely discrete application. Standard web SOAP API interfaces allow efficient communication with either websites or job posting at the front end and with mid/back office applications at the back end.
However, it is not just the application features that attract recruiters to evolve™ and keep them coming back for more. It’s the combination of a web enabled service that is always available (we give money back if the evolve™ service is down for more than a few mins a year¹) the excellent support and service and the free user training that we deliver on an ongoing basis during the year that make this an unrivalled package. We run something called ‘evolve academy’ that has pre-publicised sessions over a two week period that any user can book into and attend completely free of charge.
Delivered SaaS (on-demand) it means that you are buying your system in the most tax efficient manner (the same way that most of us use mobile phones) and it’s continually updated with inputs from both you and us. Web enabled means that you can access it from wherever you are as long as you can get online. We’re also serious about our infrastructure and about security. So, we are the only provider to use what is effectively a ‘banking standard’ level of security to protect our user’s data. Unless someone mugs you for your key AND tortures you to gain your password, it’s foolproof!
Finally, committing your data and your front office service to a provider like FCP Internet is not just a matter of trust. You need to be sure that it’s a safe pair of hands. We have a solid financial position that you can depend upon but, don’t trust that to chance, check us out with Equifax or D&B and you’ll find that we can be relied upon to be around when there are others who may not be quite so safe.
Don’t take our word for it, check out the forums - check out our references – then come talk about how we can make your future as a recruiter better.