Here at Evo Promotions, we have a strong work ethic and the ripple effect of that is growth and development for our clients. Evo Promotions is focussed on creating a welcoming environment, with a laid back, yet professional approach to achieving our client’s goals. The link we create through an effective face-to-face approach between our client’s products and services and their potential customers is what makes our direct marketing strategy so effective.  Face-to-face attracts people who are not always responsive to the more traditional methods of marketing, like TV, radio and print. This form of marketing enables us to build a relationship with potential customers, where they can ask questions to really understand the services they will be receiving. Lastly the most important reason why so many brands are turning to including direct sales and marketing into their marketing mix is instantaneous results; through the face-to-face approach are what attract a continuous stream of business to Evo Promotions.  

Evo Promotions has a young innovative company believes that in the current climate, it is essential to be adaptable and flexible to change to accommodate for growing and emerging market leaders.

For this reason, we are currently focusing on the charity sector and we are looking to expand into energy management. The reason why we feel confident with these industries is because we are adding value to our local and international communities. We tribute our success down to the sense of pride we have in providing true value to this sector.