EvoSpot : Plug-in for MyCafeCup Platinum
WiFi Hotspot internet gateway manager  

EvoSpot  is supplement Wi-Fi software of MyCafeCup Platinum and sold separately.  It creates a HotSpot integrated to MyCafeCup Platinum and enhances your store services for various devices of your customers such as notebook, PDA, or mobile phone to access internet. EvoSpot allows you to control, manage and meter Internet access time by using the account created by MyCafeCup Platinum. EvoSpot provides ultimate service both LAN PC’s and Wi-Fi devices for your customers satisfaction and also generate more income for your store.

EvoSpot WiFi Timer is designed for the internet access business places such as Internet cafes, coffee shops, apartments, hotel lobby/lounge/ business centers, guest houses, restaurants, resorts, village clubs, game centers, Condominiums or other Wi-Fi Internet access places.