Founded in Melbourne, Australia, EVX is an early stage venture focused in the R&D and commercialization of high performance solar and electric vehicle technologies. We intend to be a global product company in the automotive space initially offering limited edition bespoke passenger sports cars powered by the sun. We will also be offering affordable aftermarket automotive products to convert petrol cars into plug-in hybrid vehicles.

EVX's ultimate vision is to make self-powering cars the future of transportation.

We are currently working on bringing to the global consumer market a bespoke high performance solar electric sports car. We plan to launch the full working road legal prototype by the end of 2016.    

These challenging endeavours are characterized by problems with previously unknown solutions. The solutions to these problems are typically novel and have useful application to the world. The various technologies developed to improve vehicle performance will also have broader cross-industry applications.

As a result, the car will also act as a technology showcase platform which intends to present licensing and performance parts manufacturing opportunities particularly applicable to the $9Tn global auto industry.

This project was a Finalist for Singularity University's Australian & New Zealand Global Impact Competition 2014.

Our team is passionate about reducing the carbon foot print, promoting new industry and economic development alongside driving sustainability.

EVX is supported by the research and development team at Swinburne University of Technology, one of the leading electric vehicle research groups in the world.

Electric vehicle research is multidisciplinary in nature and covers broad and complex issues. The Swinburne University of Technology Electric Vehicle Research Group current research is in the following aspects of EV technology:
Battery Technology and Management
Drivetrain and Electric Motor Technologies
Clean21 Manufacturing
Electric Grids
Vehicle Architecture and Design
Vehicle to Vehicle and Vehicle to Infrastructure Communication

The Electric Vehicle Research Group also draws upon expertise across the University to review:
Consumer Behaviour and Public Policy
New Business Models and Entrepreneurship
Electric Vehicle Promotion, Training and Education