E-Waste Systems, Inc. offers waste electric and electronic equipment processing services in North and South America and Europe. Its services include  e-waste recycling, repair/refurbishment, and electronic asset recovery. The company's growth strategy includes acquisitions; thought leading business development; and Fair Trade e-waste solutions.  The first acquisition was completed in Ohio in 2011.  Services include repair, refurbishment and recycling of consumer electronics; IT equipment comprising computers, monitors, and hard drives; high-end communications equipment consisting of server plants; electronic lighting; electronic tools/industrial electronics; and high-end electronics used in medical and health care. Reverse logistics services offered include a range of recovery processes including site clearance and removal, secure data destruction, reuse of functional units, asset tracking, and warranty and non-warranty returns services. E-Waste Systems, Inc. would also sell segregated raw materials, such as plastics, steel, copper, aluminum, glass, and precious metals to downstream processors for resale and reprocessing into raw materials for use in manufacturing. The company  changed its name to E-Waste Systems, Inc. on May 2011. E-Waste Systems, Inc. was founded in 2008.  It's functional headquarters are in London, United Kingdom, and its registered office is in Los Altos, California.