EWF International conducts professionally facilitated peer advisory groups called Forums, for women business owners and executives, with offices located in Oklahoma City, Edmond, Tulsa and Dallas.   EWF Forums are a confidential place to discuss decisions, strategy, opportunities and problems with women they accept as peers.  Forums are limited to twelve members from non-competing companies.  Each Forum meets monthly, led by a professional facilitator who understands the role of the business owner or executive. Members access the collective experience, intelligence and talent of their female colleagues to help with complex decisions or problematic situations.  Strict confidentiality ensures all members can be totally honest, knowing that what’s said in the Forum stays in the Forum.  The members talk about the problems that keep them up at night and the opportunities that send a tingle up their spine.  They get input, ideas, creativity and a reality check from respected and successful peers.  Depth and substance set EWF International apart from other learning opportunities.