We are a customer-focused organization with great depth of experience in managing information processing, document publishing and the entire range of back office operations.
ExceedBPO is a global outsourcing operation with six locations established in the major markets of the U.S.A. East and West Coasts, Europe and Asia. Because our offices are right here, “on-shore”, we get back to you rapidly, during your own working hours and are available 24*7 so that you can get quick responses from our side.
Our team has mastered the art of data entry related services. They are innovative and creative in their ideas and have sound practical knowledge of latest information and document processing technology.
We are a subsidiary of Hytech Professionals (www.hytechpro.com is an ISO 9001:2000 and Microsoft certified Company) who help you achieve your objectives of efficiency and cost-effectiveness, to extend your capabilities and in all other ways, help you attend to business while we work behind the scenes.

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We offer our services in various fields and have done various projects on the following fields:
1. Back office support for collection Agency.
2. Data Gathering
3. Data Cleaning
4. Data Mining
5. Database creation and updation
6. OCR conversion
7. PDF conversion and Creation
8. Proof Reading