Exclusive Analysis is retained by clients from a broad range of sectors including insurance and reinsurance, financial services, shipping, banking, oil and gas, aviation, mining, cargo and logistics, governments, NGOs and media. We work with clients across these sectors to help them maximise commercial opportunities, minimise losses and grow their businesses safely and profitably.

Our ethos is to understand our clients’ needs and questions and to deliver forecasts, analysis and models that are commercially relevant and decision-ready.

Clients can access our forecasts in a number of ways: through our online risk model and other software and risk management tools, direct access to our team, tailored reports, streamed intelligence products, training services or interactive strategic consultancy.

CLIENT-FACING We build relationships with our clients and work hard to think from the client’s perspective. Our actionable forecasts allow clients to make informed strategic investments so they can maximise profits and create opportunities for growth while minimising liability and reputational risk.

TRUST ‘We tell you what we know; we tell you what we don’t know; we tell you what we think; we never confuse the three.’ Over 96% of our clients renew at the same level of service or higher.

COMMERCIAL RELEVANCE We forecast commercial risks and opportunities. Our work is customised for clients and is country, sector, asset, company or deal specific.

The delivery method of the forecasts is tailored to suit each client to ensure we supply the most relevant, specific intelligence. Reports can be commissioned on a one-off basis or as part of a retained relationship, which can also include our flagship online risk model (Country Risk Evaluation and Assessment Model) and access to analysts via email, telephone or pre-arranged briefings.

Clients can also access tailored risk management tools as part of a strategic consulting relationship, in which a highly interactive process ensures targeted custom products in the form of software and risk models, indices, streamed intelligence or training.