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“Live Your Life, With A Peace Of Mind!”

All around the country people are seeking to gain more from their health care providers. People are finding it right here at Exclusive (VIP/MD) Health Management.

We offer Concierge Medicine Care, also known as: Private, Boutique, Retainer and Direct Care Medicine. Exclusive (VIP/MD) Health Management delivers the best results to each and every one of our clients. Concierge Medicine is no longer available for just the wealthy, we are making it affordable to the everyday individual and family.

We noticed a lack of empathy, compassion, and attention to patients and their needs today throughout the healthcare industry. Today, more people are being misdiagnosed, prescribed the wrong medicine, and receiving treatments for the wrong diagnosis. With doctors spending less and less time with their patients today, and more time worrying about their bottom line, this has had a huge impact on the quality of care you are receiving today.

The very nature of health care is Personal and Individual. What people want today, is a more basic and achievable medical care. Patients today expect their doctors to become their advocate, and to stand fully prepared to help you navigate through the complex healthcare systems. We expect the truth and their honesty about our health, at all times. Doctors need to be more direct and honest with their patients, they need to move away from sick care and move towards health care. In other words, physicians need to “Do as much as possible FOR the patient, and as little as possible TO the patient!”

So, we are setting out to bring humanity back to medicine and healthcare. We are making it our responsibility to bring back these important values into today’s concierge health care market; while, conveying these values to our Clients.

At Exclusive (VIP/MD) Healthcare Management, we have committed to bringing the "Exclusive Private Medicine Service" to our: clients, physicians, employees, corporations, small businesses, and our communities. Our Exclusive physicians provide the personal time and attention you deserve, allowing you to achieve your optimal health.

Whether you have a pre-existing condition, just been diagnosed with an ailment, or you simply want to focus on a better health style; our Exclusive Physicians are here to ensure you are treated with the absolute best medical care. You will come to value the unique partnerships and approach, that Exclusive (VIP/MD) Health Management offers.

We are on a mission to help you live your healthiest life, not just during your physician visit BUT, FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE!

Our Mission Statement

We Are Bringing Humanity BACK To The Patient, Medicine And Healthcare, ONE PATIENT AT A TIME!

We noticed a lack of empathy, compassion, and attention to patients today in the medical and health care field.

We are making it our responsibility to bring these important values back into today’s private health care market; while, conveying these values to our clients each and every day through each experience.

At Exclusive (VIP/MD) Healthcare Management, we are committed to bringing a private service to our: clients, exclusive physicians, employees, and our communities.

We are on a mission to help make your life healthier and stronger; while, motivating others in the medical and health care field to do the same.


Exclusive (VIP/MD) Health Management is a private company focused on providing a sophisticated private level of physician access and service to our clients. We offer our clients a custom-tailored, health management and assessment program, with your very own exclusive concierge physician.

Our clients will have “A Peace of Mind”, knowing that they are receiving comprehensive, state of the art medical care; which, is designed to fit your individual needs and goals.  We also help our clients reach their health and wellness goals; through our “Exclusive Services”.  We invest in our clients, and their future.

Our participating exclusive physicians are allowed a limited number of patients to their practice. Once this limit has been met, patients will no longer be accepted to their practice. Scheduled appointments with your physician will be made promptly with same day access, when necessary. Our clients are allowed to see their concierge physician for any medical concern you may have, large or small.