Carl J. Taylor & Co. is a executive firm which develops and maintains close working relationships with a limited number of organizations. Given that most hiring decisions depend on an individual's "fit" within an organization, we strive to know the personality of the employer.

The satisfactory completion of difficult searches, the development of an in depth knowledge of our clients' working environments, and numerous "repeat requests" by our clients to conduct searches for positions throughout their organizations all demonstrate our success.

The Search Is About Your Organization and You

- You have a need for a key person(s) in your organization

- You are looking for a resource to help you identify and attract the right candidate to satisfy this need

- You expect the search for this person(s) to be treated as carefully and importantly as it is to you and your organization

- You believe your search is unique and you deserve special treatment

- You do not want to feel like just one more organization with a need in a particular area

- You want a thorough, objective search with no limitations

- You expect personal, professional service throughout the search process

- You want to be sure that the resource representing your organization in the marketplace is maintaining the highest level of professional integrity

- You want to know what is going on during the search process, and you want to be kept up to date on all developments

You expect success...

... then, Carl J. Taylor & Co. is the resource to use for your hiring needs.

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