EXEQUE CAR RENTAL was established in 2011. The shareholders contributed many years of experience in the Cash Car Rental Industry. Our focus is aimed at corporate and Long Term Rentals and cash car rentals.

By keeping costs low we are able to pass a direct saving to our customers. Relationships between our customers and ourselves is key to the growth we have experienced this far and for our future.

Car Rental Johannesburg is focused on growth as any other organisation. However car rental Johannesburg strongly believe in securing and maintaining our relationships as we don't forget who assisted us in getting there.

We also believe that excellent service is the key to running a good business and we strive to make sure that we do the best in every rental that comes our way. We keep our vehicles in excellent condition for three crucial reasons:

* To ensure our customer's safety.
* To save on unnecessary maintenance expenses.
* To extend the fleet-life of our vehicles.

All this assists car rental Johannesburg in passing a direct saving on to our customers.

In order to complete a well balanced strategy service delivery is paramount to our success. It is the forefront and lasting image of our Company as it will make or break the deal. To have the best rates and quality vehicles is great, but to top it off with professional, on time and friendly service sets us apart from the rest.

We at CAR RENTAL JOBURG are a South African Johannesburg based Car Rental company operating in all parts of Gauteng. We assist all our customers, giving them the opportunity to either pay with cash credit card or EFT which in turn gives our customers a chance to rent a vehicle with our car rental Johannesburg.

Our Johannesburg car rental has a variety of vehicles on fleet to ensure that we satisfy all our customers needs every single time, our vehicles range from small hatch backs, with air-con and power steering for the customers not looking to spend much, to the larger hatchbacks with air-con and power steering who are looking for more comfort and more space. Lastly we have the sedans to assist customers looking for space and loads of comfort, these vehicles come in either a manual or automatic transmission and are kept to the finest of quality as we strive to put safety first.

Cash Car Rental

When anyone thinks of cash car rental the first thing they think of is affordable car rental with the option to use any form of payment regardless of your credit rating or how much you earn and at the end of the day your cash car rental experience should be a memorable one, so why then settle for anything when you can get all the options of your Cash Car Rental with out looking any further.

Long Term Car Rental

Our Johannesburg Long Term Car Rental allows the customer to rent any one of our vehicles either on a Cash, EFT,or Credit Card basis for as cheap as possible as our rates are extreamly hard to beat, what we also want when renting on a long term car rental basis is the peace of mind knowing that the vehicle that you rent is in pristine condition so keep in mind that you long term car rental experience will be a safe and pleasant one.

Blacklisted Car Rental

Are you Blacklisted or under credit revue or just having trouble getting finance at any of the banks, why not make your life easier by trying out our blacklisted car rental.

With our blacklisted car rental we assist our customers with the chance to rent any of our vehicles on a cash car rental basis at a discounted rate, We insure that all your needs are met with our blacklisted car rental and that you get the best deal possible, basically by this we mean that we have 2 options to assist you with on the blacklisted car rental.