Exhibbit is a virtual exhibition platform, allowing its users to explore artwork in beautiful virtual galleries and share them online.

The power of an exhibition is its ability to tell a story.
Exhibbit gives this power to gallery owners, agents and artists, allowing them to engage art collectors in an immersive online exhibition experience.

Collectors can use exhibbit to view artworks presented together, in the context of an exhibition.
They can share their exhibition link along with a personal message, and if interested in an artwork make contact with the gallery owner directly.

Gallerists, Agents and Artists can create, publish, market and store their exhibitions.
A single account can have multiple galleries and exhibitions running concurrently.
It is easy to create personalised exhibition invitations by sharing a particular view from the exhibition along with an invite containing a link.
All hosting is provided by exhibbit.
Subscriptions are available from the website http://exhibbit.com