Kerri Salls MBA, is an exit strategist, goal achievement authority, acclaimed speaker, and mentor who supports owners and entrepreneurs to prepare their optimum exit strategy. She helps businesses establish a strong foundation to catapult their business to the next plateau; accelerate growth, and maximize value; to craft an exit strategy that creates wealth.

Kerri is a visionary with 40 years experience who works with owner/entrepreneur/CEOs to achieve their life’s dream in business and beyond. She helps entrepreneurs integrate strategic planning as part of their business operations and exit strategy from the beginning.

Kerri’s enduring success and reputation is built on her unique holistic approach partnering with the owner to achieve their optimum exit strategy whether it’s to scale or sell the business.

Owners, ready to transform their expertise into massive results, gravitate to Kerri to solidify their mindset, skill set and sound business knowledge through her unparalleled Exit Strategies for Wealth™ system.