Patent pending Expandiverse Technology is the first fully formed digital world of the type we expect to arrive by the middle of this century. Named the Expandiverse, it is the first fully realized digital reality / digital world that can stand next to our physical world.

The Expandiverse™ is designed to fill the R&D hole 20 to 50 years out, and the expandiverse.com website was launched to introduce it.

The Expandiverse leaps to life in Abelow’s free serial novel Save the Future! Set 25 years in the future, this free eBook is available for Kindle, iPad, Nook, tablets and PC’s. It is downloadable from expandiverse.com.

An Expandiverse is always on, always in use. It provides shared planetary life spaces in which everyone can be digitally everywhere they want, in one or more continuous digital realities, with one or more identities that can enjoy global presence with active knowledge delivery. In some ways, Expandiverse realities will be more powerful, more aware and perhaps more prosperous than physical reality. To produce this, Expandiverse Technology includes expanded devices, realities, utilities, services, industries, identities, active knowledge and much more.