Leg-a-SHE Strategist and international speaker Sarah Aderson empowers entrepreneurs to charge what they're worth, so they can confidently build a legacy that will positively impact not only their family, but the world. Sarah transforms your Services into Products. As a result, you will build an empire instead of a business. She is the co-author of the international bestselling book, Motherhood Dreams & Success: Your Can Have It All! and author of Right Sperm Wrong Guy: Unleash the Superpower in Your Heart After Betrayal. Sarah produces unprecedented results through her coaching programs, speaking engagements, and online community.

Sarah Aderson is the founder and host of the Mom-In-Chief Lounge...an empowerment session for busy single moms. Online events give attendees access to renowned experts, action steps, and a supportive community to thrive. The events are only 30 minutes...and free!

On a mission to empower one million women to thrive, Sarah is leading the BE U Movement. She wants women to know that they are not broken and don't need to be fixed. The BE U Movement helps women accept themselves fully. It is designed to emphasize the need for women to love their strengths, weaknesses, and recognize themselves as multi-dimensional.

Sarah has over a decade of experience in adult education, public speaking, training and development. She shares that "Women entrepreneurs are worthy of creating great legacies. The power to create the life we dream of is within us. The key is to Expand Your Heart instead of shielding it".

To learn more about Sarah's work please visit www.expandyourheart.org

For FREE training from renowned experts in Only 30 minutes go to www.mominchieflounge.com