Expatica Communications B.V. provides expats in Belgium, France, Germany, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Portugal, Russia, South Africa, Spain, Switzerland and the UK the information they need to turn their new country into their home.

In addition to our thorough English-language guides to taxes, housing, employment, education and general life as an expat – written by experts and real-life expats and fact-checked by our editorial staff – Expatica offers a number of tools to make the move as smooth as possible:

The Directory provides a list of expat-friendly service providers in all areas, ranging from accountants to international schools and everything in between.
The Housing Search lets users browse homes and apartments to rent or buy throughout their new country.
The Job Search allows expats to find the perfect new job or simply see what’s out there in the job market.
Expatica’s goal is to help you LIVE your life to the fullest, find your passion at WORK, and LOVE your new home – wherever that may be.