Expedition Log Homes was created through a shared passion for the natural character and beauty of wood found in log homes, and has grown through a commitment to providing quality products and services.  This shared vision has led to a business environment founded upon honest, straightforward dealings with others.  Our experience has taught us that no two projects are the same. We've learned what distinguishes an exceptional personal retreat from an ordinary home. We understand that your own personal vision of home is unique and embrace the opportunity to bring that vision to life.  We believe that each project has the opportunity to set a new standard and enthusiastically work to assist you in realizing your ideas within the budgetary framework that you've set.

The craftsmen at Expedition Log Homes have designed a log style for every taste.  They know that a quality log home begins with the logs. We pride ourselves in using a process that starts with raw logs harvested from sustainable forests.  We control waste by cutting to yield (creating the best piece from each log) and make total use of each tree through the additional manufacture of farm bedding and landscape mulch.  We provide superior quality by kiln-drying and enhance the natural beauty by hand-crafting with a drawknife.  Crafting logs this way takes time, skill and dedication.  We do it this way so that we can offer you the best quality possible.  

Expedition logs are the perfect complement to a variety of natural materials and hybrid building elements.  At Expedition Log Homes we specialize in the insulated (or half-log) building method that has proven to be a popular choice among log home enthusiasts.  Combining the best construction methods available with the rustic beauty of logs, we provide you with an energy efficient building alternative to traditional full log homes.  And unlike the thin “log veneers” that you may have seen, our logs are true half logs cut from harvested timbers, debarked, kiln-dried and hand-crafted with a draw-knife.  Each log retains its unique characteristics for a truly beautiful finished log home.  

An unwavering commitment to quality is one of the first things that you will notice upon meeting an Expedition Log Homes employee, field representative or homeowner.  It’s a common bond that we all share.  Quality product, quality service, quality design, quality experience.  These are the characteristics that define who we are and what we stand for.

When it comes to producing your log home package, we won't compromise on quality and performance.   You shouldn't either.

For more information on package specifications or to find a field representative near you visit our website at www.expeditionloghomes.com or call us toll free at 877-250-3300.