CAPS! Camps are week-long summer intensive workshops in which college-bound high school students research colleges, complete the common application, and construct a stand-out dossier, including personal essay, activity sheet, and strong interview skills.  Students learn project management skills which guide them through the completion of all college applications in the fall semester of their senior year.  Participants receive a free learning styles analysis, a customized timeline of all remaining due dates, and a free email reminder service that alerts both students and parents to these deadlines.  A small workshop format allows students to receive personalized, comprehensive instruction in the varied and complex steps of preparing a college application that will stand out.  Participants also benefit from the college admissions library published by CAPS!, which includes a step-by-step workbook detailing each element of the application (data entry, standardized tests, essay, interview, activity sheet, etc.), a parents' guide to college applications, and more.   Specials weeks also target the specific challenges faced by students whose extracurricular and/or academic focus includes an intense commitment to activities such as athletics, music, art, leadership, and more.