Experts Exchange is a technology Q&A website. We connect askers with the answers they need.


Come to Experts Exchange when you have a technology problem, whether it’s with your iPod, an Oracle database or whatever. Do a quick search of our 3 million proven solutions—if you don’t find what you need, we’ll connect you to our worldwide network of experts who will respond to your question, usually in under an hour.

Experts Exchange has been carefully building an active community of known experts across hundreds of technology fields since 1996. This isn’t a random forum—our experts and volunteers are online around the clock ensuring your technology problem is solved.


Most forums are built around a conversation with the community. Experts Exchange uses a patented knowledge-sharing system to focus conversations on finding the right answer fast. Our experts drill down to the root of your problem, so you can get a solution and get on your way.


There are a number of options for accessing the site. You can unlock site access for free by answering other user’s tech questions. If you’re not inclined to answer questions, you can purchase a Premium Service subscription and get full access to every solution, plus ask unlimited questions.  Or, if you work for a business, you may consider a corporate account so your entire staff can get their technology problems solved.

Sometimes free costs too much. Most of life is an exchange, right? We each exchange goods and services every day. It’s no different here—experts exchange their technology know-how with one another to learn and solve problems. We welcome you to join them. And if you can’t exchange knowledge, just throw a few bucks in the pot. It’s all we ask.


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