Beautiful Life Productions, THE EXPERT SCENE™ – was founded by Sheryl Lynn. Sheryl believes that business owners can lead with love and make more money! Those who come from a powerful place of compassion, non-judgement and can put their ego on the side are the ones who are gaining momentum fast!  We put those people in the spotlight!

THE EXPERT SCENE™ is creating a strong following and supporters of leaders, owners, CEO's and professionals who have mastered their craft and are willing to share information about gaining visibility and exposure with others.  

The Expert Scene is a movement that is

   serving the hard working business owner who rarely gets awards or recognition.
   provides a platform to be seen and heard with a unique way to gain visibility.
   serves as a confidence builder for those going at it alone.
   fuels the down time to produce different energy and collaboration.
   offers a support system for the stuck moments.
   waiting for you to allow us to be your stepping stone so YOU can keep on!
   adding an element of FUN to the workday…gees, celebrate what is working.
   ready to serve the 45 million business owners in the USA.
   shifting the Business Experience as we know it on the PLANET!

We invite you to join us!

For Questions or interviews queries, please contact Sheryl Lynn, Expert Positioning Expert.  949-303-5219 or visit us at www.expertscene.com.