ExPest is a pest control and exterminator service located in Silver Springs, Maryland.  ExPest offer the best in humane pest control as well as lethal extermination services leaving the customer with the choice based on cost and ethics.

Boasting the best prices and services for the state of Maryland, ExPEst feels they are a great value to Maryland residents.

Price Advantage

I am John, the owner and operator of Ex Pest Control.   We will save you money on Pest Control because we don’t have all the costs of a major chain.  They spend millions on all their TV advertising, it’s easy to see how my prices can be much lower.  Sometimes I charge  half the rice.

True Savings
National Pest Control Chains have too much overhead!  Ex Pest Control doesn’t  have to pay for prime time TV commercials.  They pay everyone to keep their name in the number one spot.  They have tremendous advertising costs that we do not have.

Lots of TV commercials guarantee high prices.

What to Expect from ExPest Control
We do a fantastic job.  Sometimes at half of the price you would pay elsewhere.  We think our service is more reliable because we are small and you get the same technician every time.

The TV pest people just charge too much money.