The Export Gardener is an amusing, comical, laugh out loud memoir from a naive, yet entrepreneurial Australian who travels to England to launch the iconic Australian gardening franchise Jim's Mowing.
How hard could it be?
The Export Gardener is a roller coaster of laughter and tears.From cutting down the wrong tree and solving a seemingly impossible watering puzzle to the bombshell that ended it all.
If you have ever wanted to start a business or you simply enjoy tending to your own garden, you are sure to be entertained by the author’s hilarious recollections and adventures. He falls in the odd pond, crashes his van (more than once) and discovers that stinging nettles and shorts are not a good mix.
He works weekends at various London Farmers’ Markets and tries his hand at cricket umpiring and playing again after a twenty year absence from the game.
The Export Gardener is the tale of a fish out of water. An enthusiastic and naive Australian steps out of his comfort zone and sets out to build a network of franchisees across the country, all by starting and operating his own franchise in the Garden of England itself.
This book is as inspiring and motivating as it is entertaining and funny.
Join The Export Gardener as he introduces us to Mad Annie Marsh and Nasty Mrs. Phillips. Laugh as cooks and eats his first and only haggis. Revel in the triumph of resurrecting Stephanie Beattie’s wisteria and cringe as a teenage school girl falls asleep during his presentation at Tonbridge Girls Grammar.
Come along on a pheasant shoot and delight in the peace and tranquillity of the delightful village cricket grounds dotted around England’s south east before events conspire to spiral out of control and the real drama begins.
Amusing, heart warming and charming is how many people have summed up The Export Gardener.
A high yield crop of laughter and tears and the funniest book you will read this year.