Exselo is creating the next generation Business Productivity platform and tools, executing on a vision to let people and organizations perform work in a different and significantly more effective way than today.

Our main product, Exselo Desktop, is a desktop tool that allows users to collaborate, search and share data in real time using encrypted peer-to-peer technology.

The tool indexes your data on your local disks, network shares, cloud stores and Outlook and offers state of the art search capabilities on this data such as sorting, dynamic filtering and search term operators. Furthermore, you can easily share your data with groups of people and let them search this data as if the data were on their own devices. Also, the tool has a built in capability for real time messaging in order to effectively contact and communicate with your peers if so needed.

With the latest release of Exselo Desktop we let our users create new information networks with contents that has previously not been easily accessible, thereby increasing productivity and quality of decisions and work.