eyeWyre Software Studios has been providing to their clients software solutions and consulting services for mobile, desktop, and web platforms, as well as selling their own software products for over a decade.  eyeWyre specializes in delivering on-time and on-budget solutions that provide a rich and intuitive user experience.

We specialize in mobile development for business, games, and everything in between.   Our
Michigan-based experienced engineers take pride in on-time, high quality, and attention to detail solutions that cross many industries and focus areas including manufacturing, retail, industrial, financial, healthcare, education, developer tools, analytics, big data, and games.  We have 2d/3d artists on staff, so that we can provide complete solutions to clients.

eyeWyre is plugged into the leading edge of technology and is passionate about technical design and user experience.  Focusing on solutions that improve business workflow, implement entrepreneurial ideas, and utilize new technologies and platforms, we have the business and technical experience and proven track records to deliver creative solutions.

eyeWyre has recently been named the #4 Largest Mobile Application Developer in Southeast Michigan by Detroit Crain’s.