Our company designs, creates and distributes original New York City-themed merchandise to serve a massive and expanding market who've demonstrated a fervent affinity for the City.  

EYE LUV THE BIG APPLE graphically symbolizes New York and New Yorkers in a way that the current I ♥ NEW YORK does not - and cannot.  Thirty-eight year old I ♥ NEW YORK, introduced with great fanfare in 1977, was conceived and developed by the New York Empire State Development Corporation - by the State, for the State - and promoted New York City only as a peripheral consequence of its geography.  

Not only does New York City not have any proprietary interest in I ♥ NEW YORK,  the City has no comparable universally recognized logo symbolizing New York City.- NO BRAND - of its own.  Until now.  

Care was taken with EYE LUV THE BIG APPLE to incorporate the features that qualify it as worthy to symbolize New York City.  The golden Apple is designed to subtly mimic the contours of a 'heart'.  

The stem and leaf of the Apple are contrived to suggest the Peace Sign.  The configuration inside the Apple, the phonetic LOVE – L-U-V- describes the collective smiling 'face', in profile, of the various races, ethnicities, religions, cultures and genders that comprise New York City.  On top of the ‘Nose’ (L) is that twinkling "Eye."  A diamond.  

The potential market for souvenirs, collectibles and memorabilia featuring New York City symbolism is colossal.  The number of people who reside in the Metropolitan New York City Area as of 2014 is 20.1 million, roughly 1/16 of the entire United States population.  Add to this an estimated 55 million visitors to New York City in 2014 and EYE LUV THE BIG APPLE has a prospective annual average-aggregate-market of over 75 million people.  

Locals will buy to indulge their New York City pride and visitors will buy to take a bite of the Big Apple home with them.


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