If you are a potential customer, think first about these two issues:

   * Websites are the critical first points of contact your organizations has to sell yourself, your products and services, and your location.  The goal of eZiNFOmgmt is to put you in control of a new generation of high-powered websites at low cost without a "wizard" in your back office.
   * Leadership.  Ez can help you find and develop your leadership in your business or community.  With Ez's coaching and facilitation, you can plan and implement changes you need in your organization and community.

First Things First: The Basics

The mission of eZiNFOmgmt is to help people with

   * Scope.  Small businesses, non profit organizations, and small town / county governments have been under tremendous pressure to increase their emphasis on information technology in their workplaces.   The scope has changed from automation of processes to replacement of processes.  A recent Sunshine Review illustrates the problem faced by websites of local government.
   * Basics.  The basic principles of management have not changed, but the topics have.   Technology can assist management, not replace it.
   * Change.  The future will unfold with new interconnected technologies that demand more, better, and different communications between people at work and in communities.  There is much to learn; fear and resentment may exist as enemies to change especially when people do not know what to expect.

The mission of eZiNFOmgmt is not to perform your difficult, technical tasks; there are plently of highly skilled technical sources either on your staff or available for hire.  Experience shows that it's wise to solve people problems first.  If eZ can help you to get your basics in order, we'll help you find the the means to solve your technical problems.