EZ Inspections, processing over 8 million orders a year, is the world’s leading cloud and mobile-based system to automate inspection, property preservation and other field services.

EZ Inspections automates the entire business process of field service, from creating client orders, auto dispatching to vendors, routing and data collection by the field rep, QC by office admins and result submission to clients. EZ combines the scalability and performance of a cloud-based infrastructure and supper efficient mobile apps to offer a user friendly process for all the parties in the field service fulfillment process.

EZ also hosts a national field service directory that enables companies to find quality field vendors. Inspection and property preservation companies can advertise their services and find inspection and property preservation jobs using the directory.

EZ Inspections serves various industries including mortgage inspection, property preservation, insurance inspection, home inspection, REO services etc. EZ can be used on Android, iOS (iPhone / iPad), Windows and virtually all internet browsers.

Find us on the web at http://www.ezinspections.com. Contact us at info@ezinspections.com or toll free at 1-866-931-9719.