EZ Politics provides simple, easy to read and understand information about American Politics.  It provides accurate, unbiased information in order to cast an informed vote at the ballet box.

For many Americans, politics is just too darn confusing.  This app answers common questions like those below;

- What are the 27 Constitutional Amendments?
- What’s the “left wing” and “right wing”?
- What do democrats stand for?
- What do republicans stand for?
- What is a liberal?
- What makes a person conservative?
- What is socialism?
- What does bipartisan mean?

EZ Politics is everything you should of learned in High School Civics class, but didn’t!

This App is divided into 4 categories:

The Amendments - provides a list and explains all 27 Amendments of the United States Constitution.

Historic Documents - describes some the most important documents in American History.  It explains the “need to know” information about documents such as the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

Political Terms - explains common political vocabulary used by politicians and the nightly news talking heads on television.  Words such as conservative, liberal, progressive, and socialism, and are explained in simple, easy to read and understand terminology.

The Issues – provides both the liberal and conservative views of the most controversial issues of today.  It describes the positions of both “right-wing” republicans and “left-wing” democrats on controversial topics such as abortion, welfare, national security, and taxes.