Your Time Publishing, LLC and E. J. Morrison Senior Citizen group have joined to present a book reading by New Orleans native Paulette Jones. She will be reading from her novel, HerStory: Revelations. The story starts out in the bayous of the Mississippi river and end in the city of New Orleans. The novel travels the streets of New Orleans, slowing down only to mention local landmarks, and some of the local foods. This is a story about a family, who struggles with bouts of confusion, depression, and anger, but focuses on how a mother’s story intertwines ever so tightly with her daughter’s story that the daughter experiences the same emotional distress as her mother. With the help of a wise old woman, the daughter learns how to separate her mother’s issues from her own and eventually stops the destructive behavior by working through the layers of problems and deciding that the negative behavior would not rob her or her children of a peaceful and sane life. For more information go to yourtimepublishing.