Facetofacestudy.com is an online educational portal which links tutors, students and institute worldwide using the cloud based software, Whiteboard.  Learning and tutoring can be done anywhere, anytime at the comforts of the homes.  
It caters to the needs of all individuals from aged six to sixty. Online services like tuitions, photography, baking, yoga, language classes takes place through real-time interactions around the world through this website.
The learners can learn from skilled professionals and see their proficiency by taking free trial classes. In case the classes are missed, one can even record classes and go back to it at one`s own convenience. The apprentice can learn the tips of the trade using the class materials uploaded by the professionals. One can be prepared for examinations by taking free online assessments available on the website. Get free Study materials from skilled tutors.
The experts can promote tuition services for both home tuitions as well as online just with free registration. They can upload videos, create various courses, record classes, give online assessments and the presence can be felt by using this website. Get the privilege of adding to the source of income by selling videos, recordings, courses etc. Education can be fun experience when one tests oneself using online assessment option.
The dashboard used in the website is dynamic as it’s a one stop place to access all the information. The website ensures that learning and earning is possible with the least amount of efforts.