The Factor Exchange is an innovative and dynamic market place created to offer lenders, brokers, and merchants a level playing field in the merchant cash advance and business loan arena. This is mutually beneficial for brokers and lenders alike due to the neutral nature of the exchange. The Factor Exchange will not dictate pricing, term, fees, or commissions. Quite simply, the Factor Exchange exists to provide the perfect environment to connect the right lender with the right opportunity.  

The concept is simple; the Factor Exchange provides a one to many submission process for brokers to the biggest direct lenders on the planet. Offers are made by direct lenders and the broker is presented with multiple offers of varying factor and term to present to the merchant.  Because the Factor Exchange is a participating lender, the broker is paid the full commission they would otherwise earn directly with the lender. The Factor Exchange is only interested in making money through advances and does not charge any additional fees or points to facilitate the advance or business loan.

The Factor Exchange also aims to provide an expedited level of service to our partners by pre underwriting and stacking each advance for expedited processing. By doing so, our direct lenders have the ability to respond in a much more rapid manner with offers on any advance posted to the Factor Exchange. This improves employee utilization for our direct lenders and drastically improves the turnaround time on advances for the most demanding of brokers. Additionally, the Factor Exchange handles all commission payment to the originating broker which provides an even greater savings to the lender from both a time and financial perspective.

Customer service is number one with the Factor Exchange and we welcome your calls and questions. Please click here for more information or call us at 888.819.5643.