The Free and Fair Election Network (FAFEN) was established in 2006 as a coalition of 30 domestic non-governmental organizations to observe general elections and mobilize voters in Pakistan. The Asia Foundation facilitated the formation of the network. However, the purpose-based network continued its working even after February 2008 general elections and expanded its scope of work from election oversight and reforms to parliamentary oversight and reforms, governance oversight and reforms and political parties’ oversight and reforms. FAFEN is supported by the Trust for Democratic Education and Accountability (TDEA).

FAFEN continues to implement robust programs in-between elections that include observation of all provincial and federal legislatures, connecting constituents to their elected representatives, observing performance of the public and elected institutions and advocating for electoral and democratic reforms. FAFEN also monitors political and electoral violence, peace activities and promote active citizenry through civic and electoral education activities in areas where female voter registration is less than their male counterparts.