FailingFreedom.com is a news and information curation website for Americans who love their freedom and want to keep up with news from many sources related to constitutionality, conservatism, libertarianism, and patriotism.

The site curates content and organizes it for easy consumption.  For those who use RSS feed readers, subscription to news categories is easy.  There is also an email subscription form to receive new posts daily via email by category.

Today's busy lifestyles make it difficult to keep up with news, especially when the mainstream media are not necessarily publishing the content on topics of conservatism, libertarianism, and preserving the constitution.  The site has curated the RSS news feeds from many of the top sites with this type of content and presents short titles and excerpts that link directly to the original material.  There are also video feeds that play the video on the site.

With the polarization of the populace related to political and social ideas, it is important for the seeker of information and current news to have a go-to resource that does the work of gathering the information they want.  This website does just that 24/7/365, delivering the newest Web content multiple times daily on the site and once daily via email subscription.  There are no ads cluttering the site, just fast scanning of post titles and excerpts to see if a click to read more is in order.