FairAdvisor is the only web portal through which you can view and review any trade fair in the world. A valuable tool to compare the many events and choose the one most in line with your business strategies.

The Goal: To offer impartial advice and reliable information on trade fairs published directly by exhibitors and visitors.

An innovative and unique channel for smalls and larges companies who decide to promote themselves by using the fairs.

According to a survey carried out by UFI, in the world there are 30,700 thade shows per year equal to 103 millions of sqm of net exhibition space, 2,8 millions of direct exhibitors and 260 millions of visitors.
The annual turnover, estimated by the consultant society Amr International, is around 27 billion of dollars.

There are thousands of fairs in the world and the market is currently highly fragmented. Nowadays firms have difficulty in assessing the return on investment related to the participation in a trade fair.

There are too many “clone” fairs and it is particularly complicated to understand what is the best one, or that one with the most international dimension, in order to guarantee a good return on investment.
For their part, the organizers promote each event as if it were the best, divulging facts and figures not always supported by a real confirmation.

That’s because FairAdvisor is born, to plug this gap and to try to undo all the information asymmetries that arise in the market related to each event.

FairAdvisor wants to be the biggest community of professional traders in the world, with the goal to become the benchmark for all companies wishing to exhibit or visit a fair.

FairAdvisor winks one’s eye not only at companies, but also at all operators related to this sector (organizers, hotels, etc.), with the explicit aim to create a complete and unparalleled networking.

FairAdvisor can be consulted at www.fairadvisor.com