As a media, besides relevant information, FairGaze is creating awareness on social issues like game addiction, substance abuse, mental wellbeing, physical fitness, health including menstruation hygiene issues, safety sensitization, etc. FairGaze, the largest school students' media that currently engages with over 3,50,000+ students across 1,300+schools across India to instill journalistic skills in students and expands their horizons with mentor-driven workshops and seminars. FairGaze introduces new learnings and ideas to students enabling them with relevant information and connectivity with the right mentors.
The FairGaze Advantage:
Media - FairGaze Media helps students to build awareness and hone future-ready skills including nurturing student journalists in schools, event coverage, live broadcasting, journalism training, managing the school's online newsletter, etc.
Workshops - Choice of the myriad of workshops and seminars with FairGaze empowers students with 300+careers and 100+ mentor-driven programs. The live webinars on conventional and new-age careers make it a perfect blend for holistic development, talent grooming, and new-age career discovery.

Social Impact - FairGaze has been championing the implementation of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and Life-skills in schools.
Brands - FairGaze brings sponsorships and engagement activities with leading brands and partners like Dabur, Decathalon, Fortis, etc.
IPs - FairGaze encourages students to explore more with the implementation of various IPs like GlenGaze MUN, India As I See, Dazzling Talents, Student Journalist Hunt, etc.